Beware : do not relock the bootloader (Samsung S10e)

Hello !

I installed Iodé OS 10 days ago.
(Like everybody ?) I had to unlocked my bootloader.

Iodé 3.2 install was a success, but upon every startup, my Samsung S10e complained about the phone’s bootloader being unlocked.
So I had the marvelous idea of relocking the booloader.
Upon next startup, my phoned refused to boot, because the firmware was not an original one (these are not the right words, but the general idea of the XXSmall red text).
So I unlocked the bootloader again.
Next screen displayed “Erasing…”.
Result : I lost everything I did with this phone since installation. :cry:

Bottom line : Do not try to relock the bootloader.


This is the normal behavior. Everytime you unlock or lock the bootloader your phone will make a wipe.
If I remember well, you have a warning message that tell you it will wipe your personnal data to prevent from leak during the process.

I did it with mine (relocking bootloader) and no problem happens. This may be done directly after a fresh install to avoid futur data lost.

With iode, only fp4 can relock bootloader