Battery share

I would like to know if iodeOS takes charge of the battery sharing on a Google pixel 6.

thanking you for your return.

There’s no option under Battery settings, so no.

I found a quick action button under the function bar but I don’t know if it really works.

Its on my pix5 but not on pix6a
If I activate it on 5 it does not load the 6a

Some of this is device specific.
Pixels 6a, 7a do not have wireless charging.
5, 6 and 8 (I have one) have wireless charging.

However, pixel 5 only has wired reverse charging.

Have to edit that. I’m able to wireless reverse charge with redfin P5 running DivestOS.
I got my original data from GSM arena, but it’s wrong. In their specs they say wired reverse charging. Might be a typo tbf. In their review, linked from the same page they talk about it’s wireless reverse charging ability.

Pixel 6 and 8 have reverse wireless charging.

My 8 is on calyx at the moment until los 21 drops and iode upgrades. Then I build for it. It has the QS tile for “Wireless PowerShare” which one taps to turn it on.

I couldn’t find any app or entry in Settings for this.

It worked to charge pixel 5

Also worked on my Samsung S10+ with Iode. Just had to activate the quick action button and could charge my Galaxy buds

Tap it, see if it works. It would be nice to know. :grinning:

I tried with an iPhone and it works !