Battery drains in 7 hours of inactivity after update Iode 3.6

Yesterday using the official Updater app I updated Iode to version 3.6-20230325-beyond0lte on my Samsung S10e.

Now the battery discharges literally before my eyes, and I can fry scrambled eggs on the back cover of my phone.

I don’t even use my phone, the mobile network is off and no apps are active, Wi-Fi is also off. Turning on power saving mode doesn’t help as well as airplane mode.

The previous version of Iode 3.5-20230131-beyond0lte was super cool, the battery worked up to 8 hours of active Internet surfing, and up to an incredible 11 hours of screen time if the Internet is turned off! I was almost happy and decided to update the OS only hoping that the LiveDisplay function would start working correctly. Now I regret it. Now the battery drains in 7 hours of no activity

While I was writing this text, the battery went from 55% to 34%.

Please help me how to go back to the previous version of Iode 3.5-20230131-beyond0lte?

:de: @Mimmik : Das hatte ich auch schon mal. Es half das Handy komplett neu zu starten. Versuch das mal…

:england: @Mimmik : I had that before too. It helped to restart the phone completely. Try this…

Do you mean factory reset? It’s a last resort solution, this is not how I imagined the experience of using IodeOS. I mean, it’s not good if you have to do a factory reset every time you update your OS. I’m still hoping there’s another solution like rolling back to a previous version 3.5

Hi, this problem is not specific to iodéOS or LinieageOS, and may happen when upgrading the system. The first thing to try is to format the cache in recovery. To enable rebooting to recovery, go to Settings → Buttons → Power menu, and switch on Advanced restart. The reboot, and in in restart options, choose Recovery. Then got to Factory reset, and format cache.
If the problem persists, you may have an application which prevents the device to enter sleep sleep state. You can inspect battery consumption in Settings → Battery → Bettery usage, but it may be not informative enough. You can install apps like Better Battery Stats, GSAM battery monitor or Battery Guru for instance, and try to look for an app which would prevent the device to sleep (wakelocks triggered in apps are often responsible for this).

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:england: No, no factory reset. Just reboot the phone. For me, it was also the Android OS that consumed the most power and the phone would get very hot. I restarted it by pressing the power button for a long time. After that it ran again without any problems.

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I did try restarting my phone several times and unfortunately that didn’t fix the problem. But then I noticed those words of yours ‘reboot completely’. I decided to turn off the phone, wait for it to cool down (it was hot as hell) and then turn it back on. After that, it started working normally.

I also formated the cache in recovery as Vincent recommended. It’s been a few days and the problem seems to have disappeared.

It’s great that this problem is not specific to iodéOS or LinieageOS, but it seems that there is a possibility of this problem appearing during an OS update. I found several threads on this forum where a similar problem was already discussed. Every time it appeared after updating the OS.