Battery Drain on Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite

Since updating to version Iodé 3.5 the battery of my Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite is consumed much faster than before (before more than 1 day with 80%, now less than 1 day usage possible).

Not sure, but I think, before 5G didn’t work, now it’s working.

I’ve downloaded and installed the Iodé beta updater and have now updated to v3.6 (18. Feb. 23), but still the same heavy usage.

Any other users with this behaviour?
Any ideas or help?

my wife now uses my mi 10 lite
but now that you mention it, yes the battery consumption is high.
I also had the feeling that it was much better when I used it. but thought it was because of her usage behavior.

I can also feel it: Now the phone gets warm, which wasn’t the case before (or seldom). Before, I was very satisfied with the battery performance.