Banking Apps

Hello, I’m considering a new phone specifically to improve my security for the following apps; Interactive Brokers, Swissquote, Barclays and Bullion Vault. I need to download them from Play Store, is this possible? and do they work with Iode?

Thank you

Download should not be the problem.
You can download them with aurora store in iodé.
maybe you have to reconfigure aurora store if the banking apps are geo-restricted.

But, the problem could be, that the apps are not working, because of missing goolag PlayServices.
You have to test it, or can find them in this list of /e/OS.
Should be no different if /e/OS or iodé.

aurora store geo-restricted:
Change everything to your language and country instead of german/germany

Geo-Restriction of auror store apps:

  • Language set to German
    Settings | System | Languages & Input.
  • In Aurora Store
  • In Spoof manager, set Language to German
  • In Settings | Networking, set the ‘Insecure anonymous session’ switch to ‘On’
  • Log out if you had already logged in
  • Stop the app (using the task manager icon)
  • Restart the app
  • Log in as Anonymous

After you’ve done all this, the Nationwide Banking App should be top of the list when you search for. You should also be able to install other German specific geo-restricted apps, like satellite VoIP app from sipgate.

I, for myself used a while ago captrader app, which is the same then interactive broker app, but only for authentication, not for trading.
authentication works fine.

I was concerned of banking Apps functionality, before I installed IodeOS on S10e/ no root. Now I can confirm full functionality of German version for
-Consorsbank (Banking + Tan app)
-DKB (Banking +Tan app)