Bank authorization

Hi there, I can’t seem to enable the Securipass (a bank authorization process) from Credit Agricole. I was just wondering if this is a known MicroG issue and there’s nothing to do about it or if it came from my phone / bank account. Anyone has bank authorization working on their Iode phone ? Thanks !

According to this post in the /e/OS community forums, it could be made to work with MicroG, using Magisk, but now

validate SECURIPASS look impossible now with or without the help of Magisk modules

This thread is also worth a read, for some background, and it seems the alternative is to continue to (or revert to) using authorisation by SMS.

Okay, thanks for the answer. I’ll stick to SMS authorization then, it’s a shame that it doesn’t work though 'cause not being able to turn on Securipass blocks makes the app completely unusable.