Bad WiFi and LTE on Sony Xperia XZ1

I thought I’d give some feedback about installing iode’ 1.2 on a Sony Xperia XZ1. I unlocked my own bootloader and installed using the online directions at the iode site and everything installed fine. However, I’m experiencing some hardware problems.

From unlocking the bootloader on Sony Xperia phones I have found (and Sony warns about this) that some hardware and usually the camera gets messed up. What I mean by this specifically is that my front camera doesn’t work anymore on my Sony Xperia XZ but this doesn’t have iode. Both cameras work fine on my newer Sony Xperia XZ1 that is running iode 1.2. I paired it with a BT speaker and that also works fine.

The only hardware I saw that doesn’t work is the spotty WiFi and unusable LTE with phone. My phone carrier is Ting and they depend on using voice over LTE which means that if my LTE is not working that my phone won’t work since they dropped GSM. So the actual phone part is unusable because it cannot get the LTE working. It thinks I’m using TMobile but sees my correct phone #. I put in the APN that Ting has on their site, saved and rebooted after selecting the new APN but it can’t find the Ting network. I wound up popping out my SIM card and putting it into an older phone so I could have phone service and the SIM card does work…just not in the iode phone.

The WiFi keeps getting dropped after a minute or so and then reconnects. Maybe that’s a power saving feature?

I really wanna stay with iode’ but not being able to make phone calls is a downer. Does anybody have any suggestions??



I am now tethering WiFi from another phone and the WiFi is solid so it looks like this phone doesn’t like my 2.4 GHz home router.

Edit 2:

I found out that the WiFi on my home network stays strong when my SIM card is not in my iode’ phone.

I got the phone working in iode’. My cellphone provider gave me 2 APNs and I put them both in right away. Since my phone is now using VoLTE for phone calls, it needs LTE working and I just need 1 APN for data initially since the other is for tethering and assumes the data APN is first working. So I reinstalled iode’ and then only put in the data APN and now phone works. I’ll put in the tethering APN and hopefully I will still have the phone.