Automate airplane mode

I am using iodé 4.5 and would like to automate airplane mode. I found an app called automation in F-Droid that does this on rooted phones.

Is there a way iodé can do to this without root?


hi marty…under settings…system…system profile…you can set when it should be activated.

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How do u schedule a profile to start and end at certain times?

sorry, can only be controlled by event…e.g. WiFi BT and NFC.
But you didn’t ask about a schedule either😉 and I didn’t find an option with a schedule either.

What I’ve been doing is setting alarms on my watch as to when phone quarantine starts and ends but there must be a 21st century answer for phones without root!:grin:


Since Android 4.2 it is no longer possible to activate airplane mode automatically on a schedule.
Only if the phone is rooted.


Hi Marty
I don’t know your application scenario.
The only option I can think of is…if you have timed your WiFi at home…i.e. it is also switched off at night…you can set the WiFi as a trigger under system profiles…and thus also activate the flight mode at the same time

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That sounds like it would work! :smiley:

I decided to just extend my muted notification profile to 12 hours instead of 8 hours and use self discipline not to go online during the hours I’m awake during that time! I can still get phone calls this way and it has been working to be more productive.


Automating WIFI is still possible with apps targetin older API versions - but those are no longer allowed on the Play Store
Personally, I’m using Tasker - the Play Store variant requires an additional helper APK, but I would recommend the Direct Purchase License via Patreon

The app isn’t free, so I’m not posting links

It was about the automation of flight mode…not wifi…wifi automation is possible with on-board tools…as described above😉

my bad, I got confused because afaik controlling wifi via apps is a common problem in the Tasker community (and genreally with automation apps)

Anyway, Tasker (at least the Direct Purchase License) can control airplane mode as well (I’m using it daily), so if you need more granular control than the on-board tools offer it could still be an option

It wasn’t a mistake… just a misunderstanding😉