Auto-logout of iodéOS premium account

49h after starting iodéOS 4.7 and logging into my iodéOS premium account, I noticed that I have been logged out, which is somewhat inconvenient, because I have chosen a complicated password for this account.

So I wonder,

  • how long is a login into an iodéOS premium account supposed to be valid?
  • has the “2 day” period been implemented intentionally?
  • would it be possible to extend the validity period, e.g. to be valid as long as the system is not shutdown?


Hi and sorry for late reply,

After an update from the API, some premium users ended up in double in the database causing daily logout issues.
I found your account and deleted the duplicate. You will now be kept logged in after you disconnect/reconnect.


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Merci Antoine,

I have logged in right now and am crossing my fingers to stay logged in. I will let you know, if there are any problems.

A Merry Christmas and a Peaceful New Year to the entire team and community

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After you deleted my duplicate from the database, I had no problem for weeks.
I have two devices. My Redfin as a daily driver and my Monet as a test device.
the monet runs without registering in the iode app.
Yesterday I wanted to test something and needed advanced functions. So I logged in to my Monet account.
And this morning I was logged out of redfin again after weeks. The monet was still logged in.
I think there are problems with using an account on two devices at the same time. Even though the license allows it.

I have now logged out of Monet and logged back into Redfin.
Let’s see what happens tomorrow morning.

I’ll write you a PM with username. Maybe you can debug something


I feel the same way, the first device runs with Premium. Then I forgot to take it with me again and switched on the second device at work. I first had to activate Premium again, which is of course inconvenient because I use sensible passwords.
Best wishes and happy holidays until 2024

Hi Antoine,
no “auto-logout” for 10days :slightly_smiling_face:. It seems, deleting the duplicate account fixed the issue :+1:.

It’s a bit like Dinner for One. When I switch on the second device, iodé runs in standard mode and I am prompted to improve my protection with iodéOS Premium.

Can this be changed because I have a Premium account?

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correct. same observation I made too

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Ok i’m going to check this and see why you get disconnected on a second device.


@Antoine could you investigate the issue? is it fixed or still broken?

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I can’t reproduce the logout using 2 devices but I haven’t tested a lot. Will take a look again when I have time, @vince31fr pinging you,maybe it comes from the frontend and not the api…?

Have you found anything? I thought it was OK because it worked correctly once but then I had to log in again and again.

Hi all, as this is my first post here I want to thank you for this great ROM at first!!!

I have an S10 with premium account logged in without any unwanted logouts since the beginning.
The phone of my daughter is a S9 and in this one the premium account gets logged out after 1-2 days.
Both are running latest iodé and apps.
Can you maybe check if I am also facing the DB issue or let me know if I can provide additional troubleshooting ?

Thanks a lot and regards

Hi Sebastian,
You can now logout and re-login to your account, you should not have auto-logout anymore.

Sorry for the inconvenience

Hi Antoine,
thanks a lot and no worries, your support and effort is much apppreciated!

I will monitor and give feedback.

Seems I have the same or a similar problem on my family account. At least on the new phone of my son (Pixel 3) we need to log into premium again after a power cycle. I will check the other devices later but did not notice this on the fairphones. Any hints?

Thank you


I’m sorry, I would have liked to say it always works now, but…

After one time it’s not working again. It would be nice if it worked again

It should now be fixed for you and @Bellini

Sorry for the inconvenience


Good things take time, thanks…

Just to confirm as promised: no logout issues since 10 days, even not after rebooting / installing iodé 4.9 update!

Thanks again