Auto correction with senseless proposals

Dear community
After installation of 4.7, Nov. 17th I get senseless auto corrections.

Something wrong, may be from my side.
Wordbook is open board

Iodeos 4.7, actual rev.


I had a similar problem some time ago. Couldn’t fix it so installed another keyboard ( think it was simple keyboard) and everything worked again, even when it was uninstalled again.

4.7 use a fork of openboard now with a lot of improvements
best, you enter the configuration to get an overview

Not working at all
No solution yet

I had the same problem. I have turned off the system auto correction, I think it doesn’t work with the new open board. Then I only activated the auto correction in the open board settings and installed the word books for my language great now for several weeks

S10+ with 4.7

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Add that prediction is weak