Aurora requires an update?

Hello to all,

I think that there is again a problem with Aurora that requires an update (I took the last stable and it works)

Good luck to the dev(s)

PS : Xiaomi Mi 9 bêta 3-20220818

I think so, not working for me too. I had to take the nightly one due to package name confusion

Fairphone 4 - iodéOS 3.0 beta 18/08/2022

Yes, you must first uninstall the version included in IodeOS in the preinstalled applications settings, reboot tout phone ans install aurora apk

What do I have to do in order to go to the “preinstalled apps” page after first boot ?
I never found it :confused:

Juste a quick note. In the latest beta, we replaced Aurora Store by our own fork, mainly in order to simplify the setup. Unfortunately, since a few days, the access to aurora server for anonymous login has been restricted to the original app, signed by its author. We’ll fix this in the next beta.



Settings → applications → préinstall app.

Oh, tu es français, ça sera plus simple de communiquer comme ça x)

Merci de me l’avoir indiqué, je suis vraiment aveugle à croire :joy:

Thanks for pointing that out, I think I’m blind :joy:

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