Aurora no access to google login

I try to update a paid app and therefor want to login with the google credentials. But I can’t reach the google login page in Aurora,
A new screen with google logo appears and throws the error 404. The requested URL was not found on this server.
Login as anonymous works
Version 4.4.3 iode

Any ideas?

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is it blocked in the iode app?
have you checked this?

No blocking, even if iode blocker is disabled, the URL is not found.

Access via Anonymous works

seems to be a pure aurora problem
I think you just have to wait until an update comes in

For me this happens sometimes while trying to login via google, but after retrying a couple of times it starts working again.

Same here on two devices: a Fairphone 3 with iodé and a tablet with LineageOS

Version 4.4.4 dolved the problem, login with the Google account works again. The updates version can be downloaded at Gitlab and probably soon in Fdroid

Aurora Store 4.4.4 has been added to iodé’s f-droid repository, so should be automatically updated.