Aurora fail to connect to

Hello, I was looking to know if Gettr could be installed in this phone. I try to connect to aurora. I had this message. Any parameters to change to get access to it ? ( I am using an samsung a5 iodé device, with all parameters as default yet). thanks

Google changed something and so the installed version is to old
You have to wait for next OTA update which will fix it or update via iode f-droid repo or install the apk (v4.1.1) from aurora website.

Best to update via f-droid. The update is available since friday

hello, today Aurora on my phone is working and is version 1.1.41. Following your advice, I look for it into F-droide… but I did not install it… Is it an application, or just a link ? I am confuse

My aurora store finally works too. It says v4.1.1.41. I didn’t do anything to update my phone but the F-Droid store does update apks automatically. It’s a Sony Xperia XZ3 running iode’ 2.3.

F-droid is another app store that has the downloadable apk for the aurora store. I’ve been using iode’ for a while and forget what the default looked like now, but I think iode’ installs the aurora store and the F-droid store by default. If needed, though, F-droid has a website where you can download the F-droid store:



We recently added to our own fdroid repo (available in fdrdoid / categories / Apps for iodéOS) the version of Aurora officially distributed in it’s author site, to seamlessly solve some issues the previous version of aurora store encountered to connect to google servers.
For everyone who let fdroid auto updates, it should have been installed.

Nice!:+1: It works perfectly for me!


thanks all for you answer
work fin for me too now.