Aurora and Google Terms and Conditions


I am thinking to switchning to Iode OS

I have read a few posts on the web concerning Aurora, saying it does not fit to the Google Terms of Service
A few posts even say the Google account may be blocked or deleted

But I think Aurora is widely used ? Not all post agree anyway

So I would like to ask whether there is a legacy issue with using Aurora ?

Thnak you,


Aurora is definitely agianst Google’s TOS and your account is at risk if you use it
BUT you shouldn’t need your account, Aurora comes with an anonymous mode so you don’t have to log in
of course, you won’t be able to install apps you bought without logging in - but there is a good chance paid apps won’t work anyway

on one of my devices i’m using aurora with an google account since over a year now without any issues or account locking

I use Aurora with the anonymous account and if there is an update for an paid app, I login with the Google credentials, update that app and then logout again.

Thank you all for your answers !
If I mind the Google TOS, is there any other store that complies with Google TOS ?
And what could be the issue ? Is the potential data leak of a Play store consequent ?
Thanks again