Are there still issues with fairphone 4's camera

I wanted to know if iode OS would still have issues with fairphone 4’s camera as I was advised last time there were issues something to do with wide viewing or something?

No. Since last beta, wide angle lense is accessible

So everything is fine I shouldn’t be expecting any bugs?

What about performance wise are there any performance hits?

think you shouldn’t. nothing heard from FP4 users in channels

camera performance is as good as on other devices

That is good to know :slight_smile:

I mean general system performance, not camera performance mate?

OK, I see. Same here, there are several FP4 users in channles active and never heard any complain about performance…

So, I think it’s time for change :wink:

If you want to get all lenses working, you have to use the latest beta, not stabel version.

Get if from here:

After installation, install (override) the updater with beta updater, to get new betas OTA.
It’s the 3v2 version
just download the apk file and install it manually via file manager. It will override the existing one.

And if you need a more detailed install instructionyou can use mine from here:
It doesn’t matter if you use a beta or stable version.
But read and follow it exactly, to avoid a brick!


Thank you mate :slight_smile:

That’s very good news!

Any idea when it will be available in stabile?

It should be in the next.
Stables have no ETAs.