Apps disappeared from iode app monitoring list


I’m using thé iodé 4.8 version updated on 16th December 2023 on my Fairphone 4. I have a premium iodé IS account.

I have noticed that no app appears anymore in the iode apps list (sélection des blocages) of the iode app version 2.2.3 but don’t know since when this bug is being occurring.

Only apps newly installed from aurora store appear on the list. When trying to access other apps through iode phone notifications (“protection” or “stats” button), it brings me to following message on iode app : “application inactive. Cette application n’a jamais accédé au réseau, et reste donc inconnue pour l’appli iodé”. I can see in these notifications the non-appearing apps with connexions bloquées =0 and connexions autorisées =0.

I guess that uninstalling and re installing my apps would fix the problem but I’d like to avoid it as I have roughly 100 apps with corresponding identifiers and personalisation.

Thanks for your help and comments.

Did you reset the blocker after the update?
then the behavior is normal.
You just have to start all already installed apps once… then they will appear in the blocker again


Starting the apps don’t make them appear in iode app.

What do you mean by restarting the blocker?

What I also did was disconnecting from / reconnecting to my iode premium account in iode app but it didn’t change anything.

The behavior of the blocker that you described occurs normally after a reset of the blocker… the apps that have already been installed only appear in the blocker again after it has been started.

Which you probably didn’t do…as you say.

But you could reset the blocker…under settings in the blocker…and then, as said above, start all apps once and see if they are listed.

you should have made settings for domains…make a backup beforehand…via user defined settings… 3 dots at the top right.
hope this helps you

Thanks for the update,

Resetting the blocker solved the problem. No need to re launch the apps for that.

I still don’t understand how it came to this status, though, as I’ve been using and regularly updating iode OS for about 1 year and never noticed this.

I can’t understand your last statement : shall I make domain-specific settings and backup these settings to avoid the problem or help in solving it in the future? Or are you suggesting that specific settings I made (I guess it is the case, rather app-specfic than domain-specific) may have caused the blocker behaviour? In any case, I’ll monitor more regularly how it behaves.

I still can’t find the three dots. What I have is:
When sorting by app, three dots to toggle qty/% domain display
When sorting by domain, a “new window” icon in a pop-up sub-window with a “créer une règle” fonction.

Thanks again for your support and do not hesitate to answer in French if you can, ce sera plus clair pour moi :wink:

I hope your answers can also help as much people as possible, as I guess more users speak English!


Glad the problem is solved.
and no, I can’t answer in French…if then in German😉

to back up the settings.
When you open the blocker…tap Settings at the bottom right.

then choose custom settings.
and then the three dots in the top right.
you can save your settings there

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