App latest version installed in both Aurora and F-droid but F-droid shows 'Update' button

I’m just curious how this may happen: I have an app that is installed and it appears in both Aurora and F-droid stores. I don’t remember what store I initially downloaded it from, but today I have the latest available version of the app installed however F-droid shows the ‘Update’ button. When I look in the versions list it shows the latest version as installed. I just don’t know why this ‘Update’ button is present :thinking:

Hi @cedricoola,
Apps on Aurora Store (PlayStore) and F-Droid are often not built by the same person (F-Droid apps are built by the F-Droid team if i’m not wrong), and therefore have different signatures and sometimes different version codes (which is used to determine if there’s an update available), despite having the same version.
This is why F-Droid might “think” there is an available update for your app, or the opposite.

If you install apps from F-Droid, you can blacklist them from Aurora Store to prevent it from updating them.

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Yes, apps that are installed from fdroid may appear in aurora (and vice versa), but should be taken there on the ignore list.
Cross updates will not work.
If apps are available in both stores, the fdroid version should be preferred. Because they are (normally) free of trackers and other Google sh***t


does it mean that if I first downloaded it from Aurora, I need to get updates from Aurora only? the problem is, I don’t remember where I first downloaded it from. But it must be Aurora, since it is up to date in Aurora, right?

Test it and you will see which works :wink: