App crashes while opening

I noticed it on several apps that they just crash directly after opening them.
Removing them from the block list and resetting or even reinstalling them didn’t make any change.
After opening logcat saw the following entry during all those crashes:
[06-26 18:24:56.433 5095:5095 E/ndroid.calendar]
Not starting debugger since process cannot load the jdwp agent.
Same for Dhl & Post.
Aswell asll

Always with the appropriate package name in this errormessage.

information about device and version would be helpful

It is a Xperia XZ1 so poplar.
Version is the latest, so iode 4.1 the latest to my knowledge.
Sometimes it helps to reboot the device, but usually just a couple of hours.

So it took me a while to come back to this issue.
First things first.
I firstly installed a whole while ago iode 2.1 and didn’t make any OTA updates.
Afterward I tried to install 4.1 with the fastboot package, but it didn’t work out, caused by the missing path, as I later figured out.
So I ended up making a factory reset and afterwards installing 4.1 using OTA.
Not sure why, maybe the not matching bits of 2 kept the device back or what, but it was incredibly unstable.
As I now got my main Device back, I reflashed 4.2 with the fastboot method so including the recovery and everything works just fine.

By the way, I got snapchat never to work, and the unstable apps lead to huge battery drainage.