Aperture app not recognized as "cam app"

Hi there !

I am very pleased to put my hands non a FP5 preloaded with IodeOS ! It is really what I needed.
So thank you to the Iode Team.

I recently installed the Aperture app to replace Open Camera app however I cannot disable OpenCamera currently.
Applications like Conversations (xmpp) use a cam api (I guess) to take picture and send them. However Aperture is not recognized as a Camera app. If OpenCamera is not install Conversation is not able to take picture and displays an error no app cam available, though Aperture is installed and does work !

Any suggestion ?

Thank you !

Here is the reason for that behavior (https://www.xda-developers.com/android-11-blocks-third-party-camera-apps-appearing-image-video-picking-intents/).

Thanks you @vince31fr for the information. I was not aware of it.
Does it mean Iode Team would have to chose between OpenCamera and Aperture to make it the system app, and/or I should write to Conversations dev to use the workaround with both OpenCamera and Aperture…
Thank you google, once again :slight_smile: