Android security patches: Out of date

Hello everyone,
I just installed iode 2.10 on my samsung A5. I noticed that Trust says that Android security patches: Out of date.

Is it normal due it’s not the latest 3.X iode version? or i have made something wrong while flashing the phone.

Thanks for yours responses. I hope I explained fine to understand.

As far as I know (I am not an expert and pls. correct me if I am wrong):

  • Google delivers patches every month and iode does all effort to implement these security patches in iodeOS. They do already a good job compared to other providers

  • The Galaxy A5 is currently supported by LOS 18.1 (Android 11). Since iodeOS depends on LOS, there is no 3.X version available. But thanks to the iodeOS team this device (almost 6 years now in the market!) is still supported with security patches (last from 26.2.2023)

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Thanks for your response. Then it’s my device that has something wrong right? Anyway i will do a fresh flash and install again and see if Trust says Security patches are Up to date.

I have my note10+ with iodé since 1 year now and i am totally agree with you about iodé’s team work, it’s amazing having this privacy phones (really good “old” hardware) at this crazy surveillance world.

Privacy is power!

No your device has nothing wrong. Trust mixes two indicators: system and vendor security patches. System is up-to-date and you can check it in Settings - About phone - Android version, but of course vendor is obsolete.


Alright. This is what i did not understand.
Thanks you guys!