In the iode’ firewall under stream, I noticed that micro G services is blue for now.
Why and what happens if I block this stream?


It will probably disable FCM notifications… A priori, microG access to the minimal subset of google hosts to make everything work. So if you don’t need FCM, you could just turn off google registration and FCM.

I don’t think I need those notifications. I had to search what FCM is and it looks like something I don’t knowingly use.


I have all disabled, no google account connected
And I get all notifications and also just in time.
Mail, telegram, WA, signal, etc…
No need for cloudmessaging

I didn’t connect a google account either so I should be good.


You are lucky.
I still have a few apps that require FCM… But that’s of the reasons why microG is made for after all :wink:

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