Android Auto Connection

I just installed iode’ 2.1 on a Sony Xperia XZ3 and almost everything seems to work perfectly. There’s 1 thing, though, that I’ve noticed and isn’t all that important to me but I would like to know if connecting to my car so I can use Android Auto to see maps from Waze is still possible. I turned off the iode’ firewall on Waze but I still can’t get my car to connect to this app.

Is this possible at this time with iode’?


I found a solution for Lineage 17.1, but I’m not sure if it would mess up iode’. It is based on Lineage but maybe Antoine would know for sure. The fix for Lineage 17.1 is to flash open gapps. In the following thread I found the exact version of gapps that works:

This is in that thread:

That fixed it! I re-flashed with open gapps 2020-12-01 and the truck picked it up right away.

I read a bunch of threads on another de-Googled Android OS called /e/. They also are based on Lineage OS and one thread says that Android Auto is part of Google Play Services. They also use micro G and it seems that nobody there has been able to use Android Auto with /e/. Here are their threads:


Yes, Android Auto does not work with iodé/microG. I however do not encourage flashing gapps in iodé: you may have unexpected issue if you don’t remove properly microG. And, our goal is to provide a google-free experience, so it is a bit odd to flash gapps in iodé :wink:

It can be done via a few stub applications! The drive app stub needs to be built into the system priv-apps though. Any thoughts on including this (as an option)?

I can not understand all these trains of thought

How can you install a ROM that is degoogled and then on the other hand always demand that google apps should run.
The ROM should then be bent with any stubs only that these apps are executable.

I do not think anything of it.
I also don’t want these things to find their way into iodè.

Either you sympathize with the devil, but then you really go to bed with him or you let it be.

If all these things are implemented, I will be the first to leave iodè.
So far I like the ROM very much. And also the philosophy of the developers. I hope it stays that way.

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To each his own. I really like my LOS with this mod. Using my head unit in my car for navigation is a must for me. Previously I just used another phone with gapps just for that. I don’t have anything from google other than auto & maps with microG & disabled trackers. It’s already a big step up from google play services. Of course if AA was an open protocol we wouldn’t need to discuss this.

I just found out that iodé can be rooted. So there’s my solution. Request withdrawn :wink:

That’s the way for


Well, we already “sympathize with the devil”… microG and Aurora store are here for that purpose :wink:
Similarly, as we offer the way to easily uninstall microG, we indirectly offer the way to install gapps (!).
Technically speaking, a stub for android auto is just a little piece of open source code that does nothing except allowing android auto to be executed with the privileges of a system app.
I agree that from a philosophical point of vue, it makes a little difference, but we’re not completely opposed to make android auto be able to run in iodé. That’s what is made with microG : to be able to run applications that require google services.
There are however some other ways to make AA run, without requiring a stub, we began some investigations… maybe we could find an acceptable solution ?

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I just want to see a navigating map on my car screen that is more secure than being tracked by Google!:+1:


The subject android auto is a complicated subject because android is more and more present in our cars and also useful (I find), but there is no open-source alternative and that’s a shame.

As it is said above with Aurora and/or MicroG we reconnect with Google, it’s not so obvious to cut totally the link with Google for the non geek.

I’ve been getting out of GAFAM’s aoolications for a few months now via open source alternatives.

For android auto, I think it can be an option like all the apps of iodized OS and that make it strength.

Otherwise to answer a @LinuxHippy here is a way via Micro G that had worked for me this summer.

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Is this possible?
Is it possible to sideload a zip in iodé recovery with a locked bootloader and verified boot? FP4

Is it possible to sideload a zip in iodé recovery with a locked bootloader and verified boot? FP4

It is possible if and only if the package is signed by iodé (like OTAs for example).

That was also my guess and knowledge, just wanted to have it confirmed here again before big discussion arises when one tries it :wink:

Thus the solution is invalid, at least with iodé