Android Auto Connection

I just installed iode’ 2.1 on a Sony Xperia XZ3 and almost everything seems to work perfectly. There’s 1 thing, though, that I’ve noticed and isn’t all that important to me but I would like to know if connecting to my car so I can use Android Auto to see maps from Waze is still possible. I turned off the iode’ firewall on Waze but I still can’t get my car to connect to this app.

Is this possible at this time with iode’?


I found a solution for Lineage 17.1, but I’m not sure if it would mess up iode’. It is based on Lineage but maybe Antoine would know for sure. The fix for Lineage 17.1 is to flash open gapps. In the following thread I found the exact version of gapps that works:

This is in that thread:

That fixed it! I re-flashed with open gapps 2020-12-01 and the truck picked it up right away.

I read a bunch of threads on another de-Googled Android OS called /e/. They also are based on Lineage OS and one thread says that Android Auto is part of Google Play Services. They also use micro G and it seems that nobody there has been able to use Android Auto with /e/. Here are their threads:


Yes, Android Auto does not work with iodé/microG. I however do not encourage flashing gapps in iodé: you may have unexpected issue if you don’t remove properly microG. And, our goal is to provide a google-free experience, so it is a bit odd to flash gapps in iodé :wink: