Amazon - how do they know about me in iode?!?


As a pre info, I use of course iode but additionally I have a VPN (surfshark) also running in the background to further protect and disguise my data.

I am also in general careful about my data, alas it seems I left some traces when it comes to amazon.

I recently installed amazon music, as I wanted to know about their content and general app usability. When I installed it, it immediately asked if “i” was “I” or if I want to change the account! How did they know?!?

I have no amazon app installed and only use the web app via iode browser.

My question to the community would be, what did I do wrong or miss, so that amazon knows me on this phone? Maybe I did install the amazon app once and simply can not recall.
Anyhow, ever idea would help to understand what might be the reason.

Looking forward to your comments and feedback.

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Were you browsing Amazon’s website with the iodé browser (and a standard - reinforced iodé protection) before installing amazon music?
One idea would be to check what recipient(s) not blocked by iodé was commonly found both in your browser report and the app’s report if there is any,
If a disturbing recipient was not automatically blocked by the reinforced iodé protection - you will normally be able to block it and customize your own protection in our next release.

Hope this helps


Hi @Antoine ,

indeed i visited amazon via iode Browser with standard protection.

However, if this is really the reason, i am doubting my effort to keep my data safe. Using a VPN and iode i really tried to keep my traces minimal - at least towards the big commercial companies. If a browser would open such options in a good protected environment as iode, it would worry me. Not because of the programs but because I gives me some kind of helpless feeling for data protection.

Thus if there is any other logical reason and /or thing I should do, please leave a comment/feedback.

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Anyone any other idea?

There are so many ways an android app can get a device fingerprint…
Just have a look at the official documentation from google (Best practices for unique identifiers  |  Android Developers).
Using a degoogled phone ensures that your identity is not bound to your device, but your device can still be fingerprinted.
Perhaps in your case you installed in the past amazon shopping app, it got and stored your device fingerprint on the amazon database…