After upgrade on iodé 5,2: fairphone4 reboots when certain media-apps play

Hi everyone,
my wife and I both upgraded our fairphone4 to iodé 5.2 yesterday and have several apps forcing a reboot when playing audio. This happens with the built in loudspeaker as well as with bluetooth…

When this happens, the screen starts blinking, it then shows the background picture of the startscreen and reboots!

The apps we tried so far include “spotify”, “audible”, “ard-mediathek”, “deutschlandfunk”, “ten percent happier” and “plum village app”.

Other apps like “radiodroid”, “mull-browser” for piped/youtube-videos and “amazon prime video” run fine.

Any help is highly welcome, because this really limits the usage of our phones…

Thank you

Since I wrote this post, my wifes phone now reboots without any prior action from her… It boots and after a few seconds shows the same behavior and reboots. This is a real problem and we need urgent help. Is there a way to undo the upgrade?

I’ve had the same issue with the Spotify app after updating to 5.2 on my FP4. Spotify was installed in the Shelter section of my phone. After cloning Spotify to the private section and uninstalling it in the Shelter section it works fine.

So, the 5.2 upgrade problem is a shelter problem? I have all of the apps that cause the same reboot problem as shifttofair but on a Sony XZ3. I will try moving the apps that cause the reboot-thanks!