Advice about installing iode OS from /e/ OS (iodeOS 4.1)

Hi everyone,

I could use some advice about installing iode OS from /e/ OS, I assume mostly its the same as installing from stock OS, except I wont have to unlock the phone with the code from Fairphone’s website again.

So following the install guide and based on the release page, I have a few questions .

  1. I assume I can use avb_custom_key-FP4.bin dated Jan 31st ?

  2. Can I use the recovery image dated Feb 6th even though it shows iode 4.0 ?

  3. Which OS image should I use , the or the ?

  4. as long as I don’t unlock critical partitions , the chance of bricking is relatively low, is this right?

thanks in advance for the advice

Installation instructions have updated: please check them here: iode / ota · GitLab (they have not been updated on the website yet).
We moved to a fastboot-based installation for all devices that support it.


Thank you for this , it worked perfectly , I’m now a proud iode OS fairphone 4 user .

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