Add Aurora Services to IodéOS?


As you probably know, Aurora Services simplifies the process of updating apps from Aurora Store, allowing all the available updates to take place with only single ‘Update all’ input from the user, instead of one or two key presses per app. It roughly fulfills the function for Aurora Store that the F-Droid privileged Extension does for F-Droid apps.

However, for Aurora Services to work, it needs to be installed as a system app. The easiest way to do this is to include it in the ROM at build time. I was wondering whether the Iodé team would accept an MR to add Aurora Services to the IodéOS ROM?

Maybe I’m misunderstanding it, but I have this “Update All” button on me in aurora

Yes. If you click that, all the apps will be downloaded, then Aurora will display a dialog for each update, saying " Do you want to install ?"

With Aurora Services installed and selected, after you press “Update All”, the updates are downloaded and installed with no further user input.

No Aurora does not display a dialog for each update on the official iodéOS builds. Aurora Services has been deprecated (see FAQs - AuroraOSS Docs), because its capabilities have been integrated into Aurora v4. By defining the appropriate permissions (prebuilts/AuroraStore/ · staging · iode / os / public / lineage / vendor_extra · GitLab) and installing it as a privileged app, it acts as if aurora services were installed, by choosing the “Session installer” method.

can confirm. no dialog

OK thanks. I won’t bother trying to implement an MR then :grinning:

Contributions are welcome though :wink: