Account activation link is a tracker!

I was amazed when Thunderbird notified me of a different link URL behind the displayed account activation link. The linked URL domain belongs to the marketing company I did not expect that in connection with a privacy oriented OS.

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Like me

Oh, can developers explain this?

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Same with every link in the notification emails for this forum.

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Thats strange, I am waiting for the creators comment. I hope this is not the path the developers took to fund the system. I am ready to support the developers e.g. with regular donations if the project maintains its assumption of user privacy. (I have never done this, but I have bought a phone from their shop, so I have already supported the project).

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Hello, first: to prevent automatic link creation, put the link in Grave accents:



This discussion forum (community) is a “Discourse”.

In the activation email is a activation link. This link is obfuscated.
Link-Url: is a part of Sendinblue. Sendinblue was acquired by Brevo.

Sendinblue/Brevo offers an email activation service.
For “Discourse” there is an integration of Sendinblue.

The “Discourse” software is popular and because of that she is popular with spammers. Maybe the default Discourse email activation function is not secure enough. That is why sendinblue is certainly used. As well as because the iodé programmers probably do not have time for another solution.

Hello and thanks for pointing this out.

Indeed, we use sendinblue as email service that by default reroute all links. Back in the day we wanted to disable that re-routing but it wasn’t possible through their interface settings; so we let it as is, sorry about that.
It is still not possible to disable it through their control panel, though we contacted their support and they could remove it from their side. So now links from our newsletters / account activations etc… should now be direct. :v:
Let us know if that is still not the case!