4.3 Charging control behavior (bug?) S9+ (star2lte)

Hi there,
at first thanks a lot to the iode team for the latest update (: awesome work as always.

Now to my question:
Does any of you use the implemented charging control in 4.3?
My device (4.3-20230731-star2lte) has a strange behavior when using “Automatic schedule” or “Custom schedule”.
It charges to 80% stops, but immediately continues at 79%.

I do not know if that is healthy for the battery but it surely is annoying because the phone indicates it every time that it is charging again (sound, vibration, animation).
The feature is awesome, and I was looking forward to use it, but it is difficult like that.

I am just curious if someone else has a similar behavior. I can turn off the charging sound but not the visual effects.

Thank you for your answers (:

Similar behaviour on a galaxy s10+ with iode 4.3

Thanks for your reply.
I decided to open an issue; 4.3 Charging control behavior (bug?) S9+ (star2lte) (#155) · Issues · iode / ota · GitLab

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I replied in gitlab.

Would be great if charging would start after -10 percent in all modes, not only max charge mode :+1: