4.10 -> 5 on FP4: photo editing unavailable, wrong spelling dict used


for me the upgrade to iodeOS 5 went pretty smoothly. Thanks for that. :slightly_smiling_face:

There are just two issues I noticed.

  1. I cannot edit photos or screenshots anymore. The gallery app (or screenshot app) has an “edit” button but then it says, there is no app available for that action.

  2. The new keyboard (HeliBoard) always uses English as spell checking language, regardless of the currently used keyboard language. HeliBoard is configured to use its own spell checker, which is set to “system languages” which is set to both English and German. Still, German keyboard checks for English spelling.

Any hint on how to fix any of these issues?



  1. I’ve never been able to edit screenshots with the build in gallery app. For that I’ve always been using the gallery app by Simplemobiletools series of apps.
  2. you say Heliboard supports spell check for english only, not other languages? Can someone else confirm that? This would be really bad for my use case.

I have not upgraded yet.

Do not use simple mobile tools anymore, use fossify instead

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Please do not just tell people what to do. Always provide context.

The context here is that simple mobile tools were bought by ZipoApps, who usually provide bad apps focused on ads.

That might be reason enough to avoid those apps.

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  1. I cannot remember using a different app for editing images. I now installed the Fossify gallery and that one I certainly did not use before. The workflow for cropping an image was simpler before. Also, I do not have another gallery app installed, so if the upgrade did not uninstall my apps, I guess I did not have any installed before.

  2. HeliBoard does support several languages. I can set it to German just fine but the actual checking is done for English no matter the configured language. So I suspect a bug here. The question is, if this in only on my system, only on Fairphone4, only in iodeOS or LineageOS or if it’s in HeliBoard.

LOS changed their gallery app and iode is using it. So it’s LOS based. If they don’t add an editor to their now gallery app, then it is as it is…

You can add additional dictonaries to heliboard
download it and add it in the language settings for this language.

Infos can be found here:

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Yes, iodeOS uses LineageOS as base system. Still not sure if the gallery app has editing or not. I am not very successful finding information about the app. This is why I am asking here for other people’s experiences after the upgrade.

HeliBoard seems a bit convoluted to me. I cannot find its settings. … … … So I downloaded the dictionary file from codeberg manually (as described on the github page you linked to) and opened it from the Files app. There I could select to open it with HeliBoard, which finally opened its settings to add the dictionary file to some language. … After that, HeliBoard still underlines all German words and only accepts English words even when input language is set to German.

Did anyone actually managed to get this working?

Edit: It turns out, when opening the dict file with HeliBoard from the Files app, the file was not added properly (but no error was shown either). So I added the dict file afterwards again by pressing one of the + signs in one of the dialogs within the HeliBoard language settings and then the dictionary was actually shown as the one used for German … Still, spell checking does not work.

Edit2: Seems like Android14 is broken. GrapheneOS fixed this https://github.com/GrapheneOS/os-issue-tracker/issues/2539
use all of enabled keyboard locales for spell checking by muhomorr · Pull Request #21 · GrapheneOS/platform_packages_inputmethods_LatinIME · GitHub

I just realized the presence of this icon on the bottom right. It sets the spell check language.

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Wow, even after I saw this image, I had to look twice to see it on my phone.


I mean, not sure why people would have different spell checking and typing languages … … but maybe there is an actual use case for this. … From my point of view it seems a bit tedious to always change both settings depending on whom I am writing messages with. :frowning:

A use case is people living in a bilingual environmenent, which is currently my case.

Glad I’m not the only one happy to have found this button! First time I see a button placed on the Android control bar.


Alright, now I am a bit curious.
I also live in a bilingual environment. That’s why I have two languages set up for the keyboard which I can switch with the globe button next to the space bar button.
But I always switch both the keyboard (with its suggestions) and the spell checking to the same language.

So in what use case do you want those two to be in a different language?

Also, regarding my issue 1. I just realised that I am using OpenCamera and not the Camera app provided by iodeOS. So that’s why my experience is different here. :slight_smile:

Normally German and layout is always German
But when typing in English, like now and in other communities out chats, I need the auto correction or suggestion in English
It’s great to have both dictionaries, suggestions and correction without swapping the language or layout

I cannot set it up the way you describe.
Switching the layout switches suggestions and autocorrect to the same language.
Only spell checking can (or rather has to be) switched separately.

So if I set my layout to German and the spell checking to English, I get German suggestions and autocorrect but English spell checking. That’s why I have problems seeing a use case for this.