3.6 Devices OS updates

Good day,

I’m a happy SONY [pioneer] device user. I’ve quite often followed IodeOS updates.

I remember reading IodeOS developers talking about maintaining updates with LineageOS for security reasons.

As we’re in June (last update s from march 25th), and IodeOS team s had priorities working on the features of the 4.x version, I wanted to ask if it’s necessary, if there d be a 3.x coming up someday soon (or not).

Another general question from a general user of my kind which I could have asked using chatGPT, how often’s an OS update necessary for the 3.x IodeOS version ?

All right, I think that’s it for me now, thank you IodeOS team and community.

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Next stable update should come in July

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Is the XA2 on the list of possible version 4 devices or is there an end with version 3?

The device tree for this device comes from LineageOS. Actually, no work has been made on it to support LineageOS 20, and thus iodéOS 4. It is still uncertain, but iodéOS 3 will maybe be the final system for it.

Thanks, that’s a pity, the XA2 is so handy in contrast to the usual big “breakfast boards”.