2 Button Navigation


I’ve recently jumped ship from CalyxOS as they 2 button navigation was removed from latest builds. The feature was removed from ASOP since Pixel4 as I understand it, so CalyxOS has dropped support for it from March 23 builds.

I noticed a bug report in Gitlab for similar but on CrownLTE device [4.1-20230323-crownlte] lossing 2 buttons gesture (#125) · Issues · iode / ota · GitLab

Can anyone advise if 2 button is still supported in v4 going forward? Or if the feature is to be discontinued in iode too?

I 've ordered a pixel 6a and waiting to load iode-4.0-20230206 which by the looks of it still has 2 button navigation

Sh!t - Think I’ve found my answer. Is this removed from LOS? https://review.lineageos.org/c/LineageOS/android_vendor_lineage/+/351857

Don’t suppose iode would still maintain 2 button navigation? Gesture nav is terrible and 3 button nav is a backward step. I have joint issues and 2 button nav is the easiest and least painful navigation feature. Can I make a donation to keep it as a iode feature?

2 button navigation is deprecated, gesture navigation is it’s replacement.