Why you should use iodé Browser instead of Chromium-based Browsers!

The problem with Chromium-based browsers is that Google influences the development of the rendering engine within Chromium, they still contribute to Google’s Monopoly position over web standards. In other terms, even if the specific variant you use includes privacy-related countermeasures, just the fact that you are providing a Chromium user-agent to the websites gives Google the ability to inflict things like FLoC upon the world. So you should refer to use gecko-base Web browsers.

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Hello Neo,
Thank you for this very interesting insight. Indeed Google is known to try pretty aggressively to establish a monopoly over browsers and web standards, for example by altering the implementation of their services so that they stop working properly on other browsers than Chrome itself. The annoyed regular customers then switch to Chrome (or in the best cases to Chromium), since it is were these services keep working reliably, and thus the alternative web browsers slowly lose their userbase.
The Youtuber TechAltar produced a very interesting video analyzing this issue.

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Could you give an example of which gecko web browser could be found more than the one in iode?

I just found a nice list of them in wiki. Thanks anyway