When will there be iodé 4.0 for Samsung Galaxy note 10+

I bought a Samsung Galaxy note 10+ with iodé in January 2023. Now i am a bit concerned, that there is no update to iodé 4.o up to now. I hope the device will be supported an get updates for a very long time. Anything else would be dissappointing.

Don’t worry: all Samsung 10 devices will get the upgrade to iodéOS 4. It only depends on when the upgrade will be available in LineageOS (which can be a matter of weeks / months). We prefer waiting for official LineageOS upgrades for the devices we provide that are also supported by Lineage, which ensures the best quality/stability of the system.
In the meantime: all the devices we support receive regular security patches and LineageOS additions, and we backport all our own evolutions to all Android versions (preinstalled apps are the same, the blocker is the same, the degoogling state is the same, etc).
We favour stability over novelty: so even if a port of iodéOS 4 could be made by using the current Lineage state, we prefer waiting.


thank you :slight_smile: is it possible to estimate approximately how long the s10 series will continue to be supplied with security updates?