What's next? Give us your suggestions!

To the best of our knowledge, battery charging limit is actually not supported by the kernel that we use. Maybe in future releases ?
Running our own FFsync server would be an interesting option indeed, we’ll think a bit about it.

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Put another eye on charging limit for 2e, it will be implemented in next OTA :wink:

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Great work. You are on the right way to the best operating system. The focus on a few phones is good, but perhaps it would make sense to look more at open hardware/software like Teracube and Fairphone. Unfortunately, Sony and Xiaomi don’t even allow unlocking the bootloader without registration anymore. Mediatek even still allows changing MACs, IMEI, MEID, so OnePlus Nord 2 would be worth a look. Unfortunately, many people only buy design.

I think that the integration of PC and phone with all the services is the biggest advantage of Google. To synchronize browsers, calendars and contacts with one account is comfortable. Especially Caldav and Carddav are so complicated and incompatible that I had to write a converter from LibreOffice Base to VCard myself, just to get addresses from PC into the phone. The interplay of different components is the key. Even google is still not good enough for corporate solutions although the basic technologies are available.

I’m looking forward to the next update.

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There is one thing on my wishlist:
A simple way to automaticly-install the most-privacy version of an apk from aurora-store or aurora-droid/f-droid, github or the-website (like signal.org)

This is something that makes me crazy at the moment.
Aurora-Store is nice but I need to block every app I install from the repos, like bitwarden or andOTP. Signal is an example for a web-based installation.

A bit late to the party, but here’s my suggestion:

I love the iodé app and checking where my apps are trying to connect to. I would love to have a search/filtering function for the “Stream” section, so I can type a domain (i.e. googleadservices.com) and only see the entries related to that domain in the Stream.


Hi all,
For the last few weeks we’ve been porting iodéOS to the new Teracube 2E version as well as to the Fairphone 4 we’ve just released in our e-shop today!

I open a new poll. We are ready to read your suggestions for features to start implementing in May.

  • New map features in iodé blocker
  • New filtering options in iodé blocker
  • iodéOS easy-installer
  • iodéOS 3.0
  • iodé GSI (Generic System Image)
  • Built-in VPN
  • Built-in location spoofing
  • Other (specify below)

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Thank you all for your trust in iodé and see you soon with novelties! :slight_smile:

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What is behind iodéOS 3.0?

Other, passing google safetynet


  • export / import the blocking settings from iodé blocker

  • integrate the app WrongPinShutdown

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Other: Open the iodé source so that the community can enable support for other devices


I am down for the GSI because i dont own a device with iodéOS anymore. Only an A5 as backup device that supports it.

iodéOS 3 is LOS 19 (Android 12)


other: lower your selling prices of second hand devices. they seem to be highly above the market prices. I understand you need to industrialize your process first. I can wait a bit.

Until when can the implementation of the most voted feature be expected (which seems to be iode 3.0)?

it is still ongoing. I use it already on my FP4 :wink:

Thats super important

A whitelisting feature for the blocker would be nice. I dont want to waste hours blocking stuff and still dont get to block everything i dont want

beyond the iode block, it would be good idea to allow blocking links

so iode blocker detected all dns addresses by blocking them

This is translated by monocles translate

not is actualized libretranslate

domains that have already been blocked for an app can be unblocked.
either via the “Stream” item or via Settings/individual blocking. Either globally or at app level.
the only thing that doesn’t work is releasing domains that haven’t been recognized yet.