What are the tweaks of iodé-Version from Open Camera?


The iodé-Team forked Open Camera, maked some tweaks and pre-install it.
But i couldn’t find some informations what tweaks these are?

Is there some documentation of the changes?

The only think i found out is, that the option to activate flashlight permanently instead of the foto-flash ist removed. And i am missing this features because it is sometimes really helpful. :roll_eyes:

Hi, the modifications we made can be found here: Commits · master · iode / os / apps / Open Camera · GitLab. The torch option may be reactivated by disabling Settings → Interface → Show flash icon.


Thank you very much.

HedgeCam2_icon HedgeCam 2 * Advanced camera app for Android. Support for Camera2 API.
HedgeCam 2 is based on Open Camera, but offers even more features in parts.

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