Unofficial build for Google Pixel 4a (sunfish)

Yes, thats the best backup tool
but unfortunately not usable in normal iodé builds

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Where you comming from? England? :wink:


really, i thought the weather in england never can improve? :wink:

A new unofficial Iodé 4.0 build is now available at AndroidFileHost

I have clean flashed this, and everything seems to work OK. Dirty flash over the previous 3.4 build may work, but I have not tested it.

Note that this build

Have fun!

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Here’s a new build.

It fixes the signing problems documented in this issue and this post

Clean flash, and dirty flash over the previous version both seem to work OK

Thanks for the update. I’m coming from CalyxOS (A13) so clean flashing. Please can you confirm the steps:

Obtain the LOS20 boot image & Flash recovery from fastboot:

fastboot flash boot boot.img
reboot to recovery
factory reset
adb update: adb sideload

Thank you!

I use a LOS 19 image, but the LOS20 image should work

These are the instructions I follow

  • boot into bootloader
adb reboot bootloader
fastboot flash boot lineage-19.1-20221215-microG-sunfish-recovery.img
  • reboot into recovery
  • in recovery
    • for clean flash Factory Reset, then Format data / factory reset
    • select “Apply Update”, then “Apply from ADB” to begin sideload.
  • on computer adb sideload <image-filename>.zip

I’ve never used that - what does it do

thank you

Here’s a new version:

I have tested clean flash which works fine. Dirty flash should work OK too.

Installing / flashing the build

The steps for installing IodeOS have been changed / simplified for official devices. Unfortunately, the simplified steps do not work (yet) for my unofficial builds, so the instructions in the first post above about the build are now slightly misleading

See this post for new instructions:

I’ve made a new 4.2 build

Clean flashed and it seems to be working OK,

Dirty flash should work :wink:

Have fun!

New 4.3 build available here

4.4. build available here.

Two ways to install

  1. Flash this file using recovery
  1. Flash this file using fastboot
fastboot reboot bootloader

# to 'dirty flash'
fastboot --skip-reboot update

# clean flash - will remove user-installed apps & data
fastboot --skip-reboot -w update

Whichever method you use, make a backup before flashing just in case :wink:


New build available here

For flashing via recovery adb sideload:

For flashing with fastboot:

  • dirty install without wiping data fastboot --skip-reboot update
  • clean install, wiping/ formatting user data fastboot --skip-reboot -w update

New build available. AndroidFileHost is misbehaving, so these files are available on sourceforge

Another new build available on SourceForge

New build files for 4.7

New build files for 4.8

New build files for 4.8 available on sourceforge

sha256sum files available for checking downloads.

I dirty flashed this over 4.8 and it seems to be working fine