Smart charging broken on iodé 3.4 S10e

Hi there,
I recently upgraded my samsung s10e from iodé 3.3 to iodé 3.4.
It looks like smart charging is now broken, because my phone keeps charging up to 100%, even though smart charging sets the limit to 85%.
Am I the only one with such a regression?

Have you flashed latest OTA?
Fixed since yesterday

and here the confirmation that it works again


How do i get this latest OTA?

ah, i see

A new beta ota has been pushed

latest only in beta channel → iode-3.4-20221218-beyond0lte
latest stable still iode-3.4-20221215-beyond0lte

two possibilities:
you have to wait until a new fixed stable will be released
you have to change to beta

The latest beta that fixes this issue will be released today in a couple of minutes.

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Here it is. A new update is available in the official release channel, only fixing smart charging,

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Solved. Many thanks for the quick update.


wow,that was fast! thanks also from me for this quick fix…

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