Samsung S10e - Update to iodé 3.0

I updated iode to 3.0 via the iode updater today.
Is it normal for the desktop to reset completely?
My own shortcuts are all gone.

My S10e was on build iode-3.0-20220524 and was updated per iodé-Updater via OTA to build iode-3.0-20220530-beyond0lte - without losing my personal shortcuts. That’s the way it should be, isn’t it?!

I updated from iode version 2.4 - last version - to iode 3.0 using iode updater via OTA.
The desktop was reset to factory settings.
Everything else, data, apps, is preserved.

I can confirm this behaviour on Samsung Galaxy Note 10 II (d2s).
After the upgrade to 3.0 the homescreen has been resetted.

Can confirm for my FP4. For me it’s just a small inconvenience

We did not observe that on any of our test devices. We are sorry for the inconvenience…

For me the update from latest 2.4 to 3-20220530 went totally smooth. Homescreen, settings, apps all there as it was before.
Thx for the great work!

Only bug I figured out:
-the app for trusted profiles crashes sometimes (org.lineageos.profiles)
-Using Android profiles with disabled pin doesn’t work anymore. A pin is always still required to unlock the screen. Disabling the lockscreen completely works fine
(I set up a profile, when connected with my home wifi to unlock the phone without a pin and disable mobile data)

Same here, home setup was reset. Well, no big deal.
Very frequent “Profiles Trust Provider keeps stopping” popup, which is super annoying. Any advice would be appreciated to get rid of this.

Android 12 quick settings is a major recession: only 4 (very big) tiles with name attached on first swipe, this is nonsense. Smaller 6 to 8 icon-only tiles would be much more efficient. But I couldn’t find any way to get such a layout.

Not possible. A12 not iode design

A workaround is to disable Profiles Trust Provider in settings >security>trusted agents.