Replacing battery in Iode phone


I bought my Iode phone, Samsung S10e, second hand. In time I have to replace the battery or buy a new phone. If my Iode phone lasts long and I don’t break screen or something, I propably wanted to use this device years to come and not buy a new one.

Me and my friend had bad experiences replacing battery couple of years ago. We didn’t do it ourselves but used phone service. My phone was Samsung S6 and his was iphone. “New” battery started to weaken in few weeks. Also my phone started to heat even under light usage. Soon I had to buy a new phone.

Iode Samsung phones are refurbished. Maybe you Iode personnel or some forum user have a tip or a recommendation, where one can buy or replace a high quality battery, which is not a cheap fake?

(I live in Finland if it matters)

Hi @MaxMan,
a battery replacement at Samsung’s factory service is worthwhile for a Samsung S10. There, you get first-class work with water protection testing and a 1-year warranty for a little less than 80 Euros.

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