Questions about some Iodé choices


I had a quick peek at iodé lately and found some choices odd. Could you please enlighten me on the following topics ?

  • Why is iodé proposing Qwant as default search engine even though it is quite known now that Qwant lacks in indexing and relies heavily on Bing results [1] ? Qwant co founder is also under the headlights for allegedly spying on coworkers, which is not really a good news for a search engine pretending to value privacy over all [2]. Duckduckgo seems at the time a better alternative, while Brave search engine looks promising.

  • Why is iodé using a cutom fork of firefox instead of the regular one ? It seems like unnecessarily adding work for the dev to maintain while delaying important security updates, and I did not find anything in the doc explaining what differs in the fork from the original.

All-in-all, great job for this OS, and I hope you will be considering opening the sources of the blocker soon to allow for third party audits, for I do not fully trust closed source / obfuscated code.

[1] Qwant se dit autonome à 40 % pour son index, le service rendu inaccessible dans certains pays
[2] Eric Leandri, cofondateur de Qwant, cité à comparaitre pour violation du secret des correspondances

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Hi and thank you for your input.
1 - We chose Qwant as default engine as we thought it was the most mature in Europe where we sell iodé phones. We haven’t tested Brave search yet and may consider adding it to suggested search engine; and also reconsider our default search in the future.
2 - As we changed the default search engine and due to trademark restrictions, the browser was renamed. Some telemetry & trackers have also been removed from the regular firefox though there is at the time no doc on it, we will probably make one!

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