Original Fairphone 4 camera app aborts immediately after startup

I have been using the Iode rom on the fairphone 4 since yesterday.

I would love to use the original fairphone 4 camera application. This I have extra saved before.

Now I have installed the app via sideload but it closes immediately after startup.

Are there any tricks to get it running?

Here is the apk:

You cannot install it as a system app, that’s the problem
I tried it often and many ways, but give up.

It’s also discussed in FP forum

Are you sure that com.fp.camera is a system app?

I can install it without perblems. I remember that I can not di that with system app’s.

Do you have some links for me? It seems I am blind :smiley:

Did they try systemizer?

Found a way to start the Pro-Cam mode, Selfie-Mode or Video-Mode. You just need to start with another entry-point. So hold the icon and choose on of the other startup-option.

Hint: You can add your fav-mode to the main-screen. By hold and drag’n’droping it.

All this is already clear and discussed
But normal mode is not working

The fp camera in a magisk module : [ROM][FP4][11.0] iodéOS = LineageOS 18.1 + MicroG + adblocker [02/02/2022] | XDA Forums

The camera must be installed as a system app and a permission declared, that’s what does this module. Both files (camera and permission) can also be pushed into the system.


Thanks @vince31fr

What does this means?

Is it possible to easily install Magisk and use the camera module?
Without deep intervention in the system?
Without TWRP?
Without rooting the system?

So very simple install Magisk and use the camera?

Yes of course it is possible to install magisk and use this module. I did not read in detail the threads talking about that, but I thought a solution had been found… An easy one is to boot the recovery of another well-known rom (with fastboot boot recovery.img) which does not blocks packages with different signatures, and sideload magisk (or lygisk, which should survive to OTAs). Maybe to simplfy I’ll provide a more permissive recovery though…

Thx for this module.

Sadly nothing for me at the moment. I don’t want to unlock my bootloader again and restart my setup. :smiley:

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Thanks Vince for your explanation.

Yes, I have exactly the same thoughts :wink: