Is it easy to revert to regular Android? Also - Camera?

Hi all,
Finally ready to try IodeOS. I tried my first alternative OS, LineageOS, last year and it was a pretty pleasant experience with a few negatives. One was definitely the camera - no camera app I’ve found compares with the photo quality of Google Camera.
So I have two questions:

  1. Is it possible to install Google Camera on Iode, via Aurora Store? And is that a good/bad idea?
  2. When I have installed Iode, if I want to revert to Android quickly for e.g. if I want to sell my phone, is that easy to do? I found reverting from LineageOS to stock Android very awkward on Samsung A5.

The phone I am using now is a Pixel 6a and I will be using the easy installer this time around. That my affect your responses.

Thank you!!

  1. Fake your phone to pixel 7a in Aurora and you can install pixel camera
  2. Use Google’s Web recovery
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Thanks. Is web recovery easy to use? Why do I need to fake my phone to a 7a in order to install google/pixel camera?

Also, are there instructions for the installer? I downloaded it but when clicking the installer .exe file nothing happens…

Without faking the pixel camera does not appear when searching it

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