iodéOS flashing instructions for FP4

The iodéOS flashing instructions for FP4 were easy to read for a techie, yet alternative Android OSes newbie like me. Yet they lacked enough precision that I may have shifted to another alternative OS for my phone, were I not off duty these days. Please allow me to show you how and even make a couple suggestions.

Steps 1-3 were fine by me: just follow the linked and well done Fairphone instructions.

  1. fastboot flashing unlock
    This had my FP4 reboot to FP’s stock Android, loosing the USB debugging setting I just made. Since it was the same OS / environment, it took me some time to realize.
  2. is fine by me.
  3. press POWER+VOLUME UP until reboot in recovery # didn’t work here. I had to:
    press VOLUME DOWN (or UP) until I see « Recovery mode » on the top,
    then press POWER button.
  4. is fine by me.
  5. From recovery => Apply update => Apply from ADB => adb sideload <iodéOS for FP4>
    This point happily mixes on-screen instructions with command to be typed on the computer. Which might be a bliss for people used to flash their phone, but how are others supposed to know? The following instruction would have make sense to an Android OSes newbie like me:

On your phone, from recovery » Factory reset, press UP until the top left arrow is selected then press POWER
From recovery => Apply update => Apply from ADB => ADB Sideload [1]. Then from your computer type:

    adb sideload <iodéOS for>


    $ adb sideload
    serving: ''  (~80%) 

adb says something like this when it’s done:

    Total xfer: 2.00x

[1] (optional) You can check how you did so far by looking towards the bottom of your phone’s screen:

    -- Wiping data...
    Formatting /data...
    Formatting /metadata...
    Data wipe complete.
    Now send the package you want to apply with 'adb sideload <filename>'...