Iodé Premium subscription not working

I want to subscribe to iodé premium service for and from my phone. Its not possible. I can not choose a product option resulting with an error message when i click subscribe. Tried iodé browser, Opera, Firefox Klar, all not working.

Error message: Please select some product options before adding this product to your basket.

I can not change any custom settings in blocker due to iodé premium anymore, but both Opera and Firefox Klar are in unmodified blocker settings. Please clarify how to subscribe, this does not seem to work as intended at least for me.


Try the French site. Less problems there.

Also not working…

what exactly?

As stated in my first post, i can not choose a subscription option which triggers an error when i click on subscribe…

I have the same issue from my FP3 with iodé4.3 and from a PC on firefox (in french, english or german).
Here is the error when I click on Subscription:

The problem is being sorted out, thanks for reporting it.

Hi all and thank you for reporting this,
The issue is now solved, you should be able to subscribe again :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the quick fix!

Sorry for coming back to the topic. After subscribing to premium, i got my payment refunded. I have no clue why this happened.

I would really like to subscribe, but the process is getting frustrating. Hoping for further advice/solutions…

edit: there is absolutely nothing to see in my paypal history, as if nothing ever happened

We’re currently in the process of updating our Paypal module, and in the meantime there are 2 Paypal gateways. For a premium subscription you should select the first Paypal option.
This will be changed in August to only a single gateway.

i have an active premium subscription in my iode account.
when i try to login inside the iode app i made an interesting observation.
With my real email address “” the app says the connection to the server is not possible.
When using an address without alias e.g. “” the app states that the credentials are false, which is correct.

Does anyone have an idea why i cant login with my correct credentials?

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Hi Jeldrik,

Indeed we’ve observed login issues from users which were (I think all) using email aliases. We are going to investigate it shortly. I will let you know the output.

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Thank you for the quick feedback!

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Hi everyone,
I had the same problem when using an email with an alias, so i changed the email in my account settings to one without an alias, but that also did not fix the issue.
The automatic renewal email for the subscription was sent to the old email with the alias btw.

Hi all,

We recently fixed 2 issues we’ve had with Premium authentification:

  • The first one came from email addresses including some special characters that we now encode and you should be able to connect using these addresses
  • The second came from email changes. When you as a susbcriber changed your email address from your page, you couldn’t login anymore to premium using the new email address. You can now do it. And by the way, you can also connect using your username instead of your email address.
    For those of you who already changed their email addresses and can’t login to iodé, either change back to your first email address you subscribed with and connect once with it before changing, or contact us for a manual update from our side.

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience!