Iodé is making some apps not work even with iode blocker disabled for them

So I’m trying to get Manyverse, the open source social network app, to work on my iodé (latest July 26 update on FP4). It doesn’t react when opening links like Sign-on links or invitation links. They work fine on my old stock Android phone.

I noticed that iodé blocker was blocking requests from Manyverse to my server’s address. I tried many things. Whitelisting my domain; unchecking the boxes of Manyverse in the “Protections Selection” menu; and even turning off iodé blocker alltogether. Nothing works. I tried force closing the app in between attempts and even restarting my phone.

It doesn’t work. I’m pretty convinced iodé blocker or some other iodé security feature is the culprit. The menus really suck, it should be a lot easier to exclude apps from the checks. The iodé blocker app is really unintuitive even for a software engineer.

Are there perhaps other security features involved here that is not iodé blocker? Am I correct in assuming SafetyNet is even the correct name for the app that has iodé at the top and shows you how many bad requests it has blocked? I don’t even know how to call the app, but the icon is iodé and it has iodé at the top.

Any help would be very welcome!

Strangely, the aurora store version works, but not the fdroid one. With default blocker settings.

For me the Aurora store version also didn’t work. I’m now installing iode beta 3.2 to see if it helps :slight_smile:

If you want, I have a testing room server setup to test the flow out. It works on my other phone, but doesn’t on my iodeOS FP4. Even after whitelisting (seemingly) everything. I’ll report once 3.2 beta is installed.

Without success. What is interesting though is that since it was unblocked, when I click an invite link that opens in Manyverse, something from Manyverse seems to reach the server, as the server marks the invite as accepted. But Manyverse doesn’t report anything, as if it’s not getting a positive response back.

The server reports

level=debug package=web urlPath=/invite/consume event="handling json body"
level=info package=web urlPath=/invite/consume event="invite consumed" id=15 ref=<@9X1a.ed25519>
level=debug package=web event=rendered tpl=admin/member-list.tmpl status=200 took=2.822159ms size=13245

Hmm, I found out the issue and it wasn’t a Iode issue. Thanks for the help anyway.