Iode 3.0, how to wipe cache partition? (S10e)


I installed Iode 3.0. Now my in-call volume is much lower than before. Even if I set volume to max.

How can I wipe cache partition?

Boot into iodé-Recovery
select > Factory reset
select > Format cache partition
when finished > Reboot systen now

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Did it work? Did you get higher volume?

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I managed to wipe cache partition. But it didn’t affect in-call volume.

Some background:
I have had problems that receiver don’t always here me well on the other end during calls.
So I started to speak without speaker so that I set in-call volume max.
Loudest setting was so high that I could speak like with speaker and I heard pretty well what other speaks.

But Iode 3.0 update changed in-call volume max setting a bit more quiet, so it doesn’t work any more.

As a work around, I started to use earphones when calling, when I’m home. It seems to work.

( I don’t understand, who invented term “smart phone” :sweat_smile: Current smart phones are far from smart. User has to be very smart to solve all these problems, when things always break. )

I have similar problems with my S10e. As far as I can remember, it happened with iodé 2 as well. I think it’s a LineageOS issue, which I haven’t been able to solve so far.
Please keep me updated if you get any progress with this matter.

what firmware / stock Android version G970FXX … is installed: 9-Pie, 10-Q, 11-R or 12-S?

It may effectively be a firmware problem. Here is an up-to-date site where samsung firmwares for the 10 series can be found, with installation instructions. This can be done without affecting the system / loosing data.

How can i check firmware / stock version? I bought from Iode shop so I don’t know what stock version was before Iode installation.

I don’t have Heimdall or Odin on my Linux PC neither I have ever used them, so i don’t have required skills. I bought preinstalled phone, because I don’t want to start to fiddle with my phone.

Is it mandatory to update firmware manually? What are the problems if phone runs with older firmware?