Iodé 2 vs iodé 3

I got a Fairphone 3+ with iodé 3 for my daughter and am very satisfied with iodé in general and especially with the settings for children.

Being so enthusiastic, I also ordered a refurbished Samsung A5 for my younger son but overlooked that the A5 comes with iodé 2.

Are the possibilities for child protection similar between iodé 2 and 3? Or is this completely new to iodé 3? I guess in the latter case, I should go for a different phone model…

I did not find a changelog.



The child protection features are exactly the same in iodé 2 and iodé 3, with the same user interface. We’ll continue to develop the OS in that way for all the versions we will maintain, as long as it is possible.
Please note that chances that iodé 3 and subsequent versions are one day ported to the Samsung A5 are more than tiny. This is due to recent evolutions in the linux kernel that will probably never be backported to the version used in A5. However, updates will continue for this device for at least 3 years.
You may return the phone (or cancel the order if still possible), and choose a different one if that is a problem for you.

Btw, we are very interested in getting feedback about the child protection features, which have not been discussed in this forum yet. We implemented what we think is the least minimum, with the constraint to also preserve privacy, and are open to criticisms / suggestions.


Thanks for the fast response.

I am not sure how long the A5 will survive physically (or will get lost, fall out of the schoolbus or in the river). Definitely it will have a hard time with my son; that’s why I chose it over a refurbished fairphone. Being realistic: if it runs safely for two years, I am more than satisfied.

As soon as we collected some experience with the child protection in real life, I will try to provide feedback. I am rather curious myself, because my children are completely different to eachother. What I like up to now is the combination of privacy and protection that also respects the privacy of the children.


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