Interested to know iodeOS-specific changes to microG location (if any)


I have just started using iode 3.3 on crownlte. I’m interested to know if there have been iodeOS-specific changes to microG location, if any. Location requests in iodeOS under microG WORK using the Mozilla Location Service – it returns the approximate location to the requesting app. It also indicates the Last Location when viewed under the microG settings as shown here:

I have used microG-based LOS ROMs in three different devices (hlte, flox, addison) and NONE of them returned the location data when requested via the Mozilla Location Service, it doesn’t even show the Last Location entry as above (and I have installed and setup the correct permissions for the nlp service).

I was SURPRISED to see that location requests WORKED great in crownlte under iodeOS. Admittedly, I have not yet tried with the microG-based LOS ROM for the crownlte, because I went directly from stock to here.

I’m curious to know if there have been iodeOS-specific changes to make this feature work where vanilla microG-based LOS ROMs fail.

Many thanks for this polished ROM that just works straight out of the box.