Installing IodéOS - Total Noob - Bad Idea?

Hi all,
I’m very interested in switching to IodéOS. I considered GrapheneOS and CalyxOS however I have settled on IodéOS as Pixel phones have high SAR and some of the phones like the Xiaomi 10T Pro have lower SAR. Amongst other considerations.

Anyway, I have never installed a custom ROM before, and am a bit scared of destroying a phone in the process. I have had a look at the installation instructions, but they are not extremely detailed and assume a certain amount of technical knowledge.
Does a step-by-step guide exist for every single step of installation, or is the information readily accessible?

Would you recommend someone like me to just buy a pre-installed phone? Doing it myself will be cheaper, but riskier.

I would appreciate your advice!

It is of course always a good idea to buy a pre-installed phone from iodé. Just for the reason of supporting them.
Of course, if you don’t have one in stock or if the price plays a decisive role, you can also install one yourself.
It really isn’t difficult and you don’t have to be scared.
Just read something and then get started. No master has fallen from the sky yet.
Everything is going to be fine.

The process is described in more detail on the LOS page. Basically the same process as iodé since iodé is LOS based.

Thanks for the encouragement! Cost does play something of a role - although I was going to buy a pre-installed phone but they are out of stock so that’s the main reason I will probably install it myself.
Ok I’ll probably give it a go and hope for the best. :slight_smile:

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What’s about a refurbished one from another distributor, if they are not avaiblable at iodé at the moment?
For example, at you can get a mi 10t pro for around 240,-€ (starting at)
I bought mine (mi10 lite) there and I am very satisfied…

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