How to fix moisture alert (false)?

Whenever I try to run some of android secret codes, it writes “connection error or invalid mmi code” and nothing happens. Any idea how to fix that? Is it related to provider or is it disabled in IodéOS?

I need to run *#546368#*930# ----> SVC Menu —> Moisture Detect Setting —> Disable because of annoying alert about moisture. Phone charge in off mode just fine, but if turned on, it wont let me connect any USB-C cable.

Most of these codes are not working on any LOS based ROMs

Ok, then how can I fix problem with moisture detection? Port is clean and works fine in off mode.

There are recommendations to clear cache of USBsettings, but I cannot find this app. I don’t even know how to clear cache without TWRP. Is it possible to do something like wipe cache/dalvik with IodéOS recovery?

Settings / apps / all apps /
3 dot menu
Show system apps

Search for bluetoith

Dont know, sorry

It doesn’t do anything.

Seriously. What process is for USB? If problem persist, I cannot use IodéOS anymore.

What iode version are you using?

  1. 1 - S10e

I guess wiping cache/dalvik would solve the problem, but without TWRP, I’m lost.

Have you ever tried to update to A12 version if the moisture alarm issue is fixed there?

Why are you lost without twrp?

3.1 is based on A12.

I left TWRP because of encryption and root issues.